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Energie, environnement, 
aéronautique, automobile, batiments, machines de conversion d'énergie sont au menu de la formation. 

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Intership M2 from Spain in the Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert Saint Cyr l'Ecole
I spent 6 months at the IJLRDA studying the auto-ignition phenomenology inside a Rapid Compression Machine (RCM); a cutting edge study into a potential advancement in motor vehicle engines which proved to be challenging, but hugely exciting. The mornings were devoted to analysing published papers on the subject as well as analysing the results produced by the impressive RCM. The afternoons were spent in the laboratory to generate these results.


Ever since I arrived to this laboratory, the staff have welcomed me with open arms, accepted my limitations in the French language and had the patience to teach me French words and expressions. We had lunch together everyday; we occasionally played volleyball, tennis and table-tennis and so got to know each other well.
 As a result, not only was this internship ideal for me to experience what research is all about, I managed to learn quite a lot of French at the same time as making good friends in the beautiful, vibrant city of Paris.
Intership L3 from India in the Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert Saint Cyr l'Ecole
I joined IJLRDA as an intern student in Jaunary 2008 to study combustion in HCCI engines, using a CFR engine. This study would lead to the development of a successful HCCI engine with lower emissions and greater efficiency. As a part of the project, I was guided by Prof. Phillippe Guibert and Prof. Guillaume Dayma, who helped me understand the basics of the technology. I spent most of my time working hands-on on the real instruments, recording observations and knowing the project. Working hard, as the work demanded, I could complete a lot of work in the little time I had at the laboratory.

The Professors and staff helped me and Anmol, my colleague from India, who also worked at the Lab, a lot. Despite our limited vocabulary in the French language, and little or no knowledge of French culture, they tried their best to communicate with us. They also taught us the language and the French lifestyle. I am very grateful to the entire IJLRDA family for making our stay a very pleasant and knowledgeable one.
Stage M2 dans le cadre de la formation "Propulsion terrestre" MFEE de l'UPMC
Mon stage dans l'Université d'Edinburgh m'a donné une occasion de découvrir un nouveau domaine intéressant pour moi, celui de la combustion, c'est un domaine qui est en plein de développement et qui a un bel avenir. Mes compétance professionnelle ont été développée, mes connaisance techniques ont était complété par des nouveaux logiciels. Mon passage à Edinburgh m'a aussi permis de découvrir des écossais très sympathique, une très jolie région, et bien sûr j'ai beaucoup progresser en anglais.


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